Santorini, the black pearl of the Aegean

  Escape to a place of incomparable beauty, born, literally,  from  the vowels of the Earth. With a wild, unprecedented landscape, and gentle touches of sugar cube architecture, soothingly sprinkled atop the volcanic scenery, Santorini island is a miracle of …
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Experience Santorini on the edge

Adventure seekers, walk on the edge! Among all hiking paths of the world, the most enchanting route awaits to be paced in Santorini. The natural path from Fira to Oia along the coast, at the edge of the cliff of the Caldera is …
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Our concierge suggests: Private Catamaran Sailing

Romantic adventurers, embark on a blue sea experience inspired from your five star hotel Santorini and discover the hidden treasures of the island while unwinding in luxury at your private Catamaran boat. Nestled in the miraculous Santorinian scenery, the luxury Canaves …
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