Our Concierge suggests: Revitalizing spa treatment at Canaves Oia

Pleasure seekers, experience a sensual journey for your soul, mind and body balance at Canaves Oia Hotel and Suites. Embracing the principles of holistic luxury and well-being, Canaves Oia Spa hotel in Santorini Island offers a luxurious sensual awaking with …
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Reach God in Santorini

Grand domes, admirable frescoes, impressive bells towers overlooking panoramic views … Either inspiring a spiritual call  or just calling for amazing photographs, the churches of Santorini are an integral element in Santorinian tradition. Read about the most impressive ones, often seen in …
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Our concierge suggests: Experience the ultimate of modern gastronomy at Canaves Oia

Experience collectors, indulge your palates with exceptional tastes fusing flavors and aromas of the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, while surrounded by the emerald Aegean and the awe-inspiring dramatic scenery in  one of the best hotels in Santorini. Be prepared to enter …
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